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  • Totesport and void bet


    I am wrting here because I am running out of options and don't know what to do. I have an account with Totesport for over 1 week now and since then, I have placed bets, they paid and I have been happy there till yesterday.

    I place a bet on this match HONG KONG RANGERS RESERVE AND PEGASUS RESERVE, the match was played yesterday 1st march 2017.

    I placed bet of 200 pound on PEGASUS RESERVE TO WIN at odd of 7.00.

    after 6 hours, the game ended and I was happy to see that my bet won, hoping 1400 in my account, I was surprised to see 200 refunded to me. I contacted the customer care and they said the match was abandoned at 79th minute because of injury and so my bet was voided. I agreed with them but further checking on the internet, I found that the match was pended because of injury on 79th minute but after 13 minutes of medical issues check, the match resumed and finished at 94th minutes with score 1.2, away won, my bet won. I have checked the official website of the teams for the score, they posted 1.2 as other website.

    I have since informed Totesport about this, but they are still insisting that the match did not complete. I have check every website online and sent to them but they refused.
    my wife said to me, since other online betting websites played it, I should ask them for result, I have asked a lot of website that I saw online that played it and they all said the match ended 1.2 away won. except totesport who wont pay me.

    Here is link to the match


    Here if you click on the official website, you will see the result also


    CAN SOMEONE ADVICE ME ONE HOW TO GET MY WINNING FROM THEM, if I am wrong the match was not finished, it is ok because I don't have video of this but if someone has please help me because they are insisting on it.

  • Hi,Saggyit.In this case,if you have records both of the correct result and other bookmakers settling on the correct result,I would suggest using Totesport's official disputes procedure and appealing to IBAS.I would hope that it would be difficult for IBAS to rule in Totesport's favour when all the other bookmakers have ruled on the correct result. Three things to check first,though.Make sure that Totesport's rules aren't unusual in that respect - that their rules don't jusr say,for example, that if a game is stopped for more than a certain period of time then it is voided.If their rules aren't unusual,do a printout of them including the date.Also make sure that they still refer appeals to IBAS,and print that out.Finally,check out the source that they use for determining the official result of games - if they don't tell you that in their rules,you may have to email them to ask.Then try to check whether those people have the correct result - it might even be necessary for you to contact them.If they do have the correct result,point that out to Totesport.


    • N.B To be fair to Totesport,I did notice that on the 5th of October 2016 five players from Pegasus were arrested for suspected match-fixing !


      • i thanks you for you reply, but this is not a case of match fixing, it is a case of if the match finished or not. I do not fix match and I don't know if the match was fixed or not. Other bookies said the match finished except Totesport.

        Also I chatted with them and they confirmed that they do not have any rule that said bet should be void if the match did not end or was postponed, this is number one but being fair, if the match did not finish, they have a right to keep money. but the match finished


        • I think IBAS is the way to go. As long as there is conclusive proof available that the match was completed and that Pegasus won it, then I would be very hopeful that you will eventually get your winnings. I did a bit of digging and discovered that William Hill settled the match as a win for Pegasus

          sports.williamhill.com/bet/en-gb/results///E/10722567/yesterday/2017/03/%201///Hong+Kong+Rangers+%28Res%29+v+Pegasus+%28Res%29.ht ml

          You might like to contact Totesport and give them that link.

          Good luck!

          p.s. Ladbrokes also settled the match as a win for Pegasus


          • Good work,Trevrizent !


            • thanks you guys, I did actually call the HKFA on phone and asked about it, and he could not speak proper English but he told me the match was won by Pegasus.

              I will still send this links to Totesport.


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