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  • Otobet.com doesn't pay me and doesn't answer to my messages


    Excuse my english

    I have a serious problem with this "bookie". More than two weeks since I request a withdrawal and still no news from the money and no answer neither to my messages.
    This would be my second withdrawal in this bookie. The first was in August, and it was hard to do, after have to send a lot of documents that I never had to send and it took long but they sent the money, but now this is worrying, 2 weeks and without news from the money and they don't answer the email and neither the internal messages through the web. And besides this, I have more money in my account

    Does anybody know anything about this bookie, what could I do, which web visit , which association could help me or who regulates them or how could I take my money back?

    Thanks to all four your attention and your help. Regards

  • Hi Carovie,

    Please submit a complaint, and lets see what we can do to help you, https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints


    • thanks for your reply and your interest to help me, I already did this, a couple of hours ago, but I am not sure if I did everything correctly, please confirm me if everything in my complaint is ok
      Thanks again


      • More than one month without news from the money and they don't answer to none of my messages to say nothing.
        What can I do?


        • BMR- did the complaint go through ok ?


          • Hi carovie
            I also expect a payment of 1436 euro from OTOBET
            You were paid ???
            How long have you been waiting ???
            Me also no support response
            Why OTOBET still works ???


            • Hello samsousse

              No, I haven't been paid yet. I am waiting for the money (and for news or an answer) since the 23th of October and I have more money in my account.
              These people are stealing our money clearly


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