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  • 1xBet FRAUD

    Hi everybody, stay away from 1xbet and his awful customer service!!

    I've been using 1xbet for 8 months earning around 4.000 €. When for the first time I asked for a withdraw they rejected my withdrawal and blocked my account.

    After the verification of the documents I had provided they come out of the blue with the following email:

    "Good Day.
    We want to inform you, that our company decided to stop any collaboration with you (closing your account). This decision is based on the official Terms and Conditions point 2 subpoint 31 of the betting company 1xbet. The decision was made after a careful investigation of the situation by our security service.The decision has been made after careful investigation of the situation by our security service. According to the results of the investigation we have reasons to suppose that all your bets on sport events from this gaming account have been placed not by you but by (8277873) it violates above mentioned point of Terms and Conditions directly.We ask you not to create new accounts in our website. Pay your attention to the moment that if you try to create new accounts, we will block them. At the same time your actions have been a violation of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions. The Decision concerning the stopping any collaboration with you is final and without appeal.You can withdraw the deposited sum only."

    I've tried to figured out what they are referring to and I remember there was a problem at moment of my registration to their website. At the moment of the registration I have opened two accounts using two different email: (enricosamp@yahoo.it -midascosmoskk@hotmail.com), cause the firs email did't receive the activation link.

    As soon as I realized this error I contacted their customer service pointing out the problem and asking which one of the two accounts I should have used to complete the registration and starting to bet. They have clearly told me to use the account number 6252471 and leave the other account as it was without compiling it with further details and that they would have taken care of it. Since then all my bets have indeed been made by the account number 6252471. The other account (enricosamp@yahoo.it) has been abandoned straight after the registration, as suggested by their customer service, and has never been used for deposit, bet or anything at all.

    I've never used other account for betting and this is my only account. They do not reply to my email and it seems they have just stolen my money without further explanation. I try to contact them in any possible way trying to explain the issue and have more information without success.

    Could you help me with this?

  • Hi virtusbet,

    Thank you for sharing. Please feel free to submit a complaint https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints and lets see what we can do to help you.


    • Hi Everybody,

      After almost 2 months of no answer at all from 1XBet, I have an updated. The problem is not what I guessed in my first post cause it has been already handled at the moment of my registration

      Thanks to SBR they provide an explanation (they talks only with SBR, they still no replying to me at all). They claim to hold strong evidence that my account is connected to another in the name of XXX XXX which was limited for arbitrage play in 2015 and last used a few weeks before my account was created.

      I cannot believe after all this time without giving me any explanation they just come out with something so ridiculous. I absolutely do not have any idea what they are talking about and I have never heard about this guy. I am really curious to see what those strong evidence are, since I have never lent my account to anyone certainly not to someone I do not even know exist.

      At this point, it is even more frustrating, the feeling of being robbed in this fashion is killing me and it is ruining my life. I do not want to sound desperate but I am not a rich person and 4,000€ stolen is something that is hitting badly my balance in this period.

      SBR suggests to make a formal complain to their Estonian regulator at emta@emta.ee (http://www.emta.ee/eng) and I'll do so, but I am afraid this will not help.

      Is there someone out there can help me?



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