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  • Unibet complaint

    I sent my documents to unibet to receive a payment and they told me it would take 3 days.
    After 4 days i went to chat and they told it would take 6 weeks.
    They say they are investigating my account.
    I dont understand how 3 days are now 6 weeks.
    Can someone please help me?

  • My advice is unless you need the money desperately soon,just keep copies of the emails and be patient.If they don't resolve things after,say,a couple of months,they will have to provide a good reason - otherwise their broken promises will make them look really bad.
    I keep seeing all these bad things about Unibet - but Unibet is now owned by PAF - isn't it ? They do have a reputation to protect.


    • How does a Company explain that an inquiry 'WOULD take 6 weeks' at this stage?


      • Unfortunately i need that money desperately. But it seems that there is nothing i can do about it unless wait.


        • Unibet is not owned by PAF.


          when did you open the account?


          • i opened the account in 2011 i think. one year ago i got ill and since then i didnt bet anymore because i was away from computers. in the meantime i realised the account is blocked.


            • After 6 weeks i finnaly received an answer from Unibet saying that accoding to point 2.3 of TC.

              2.3 Unibet reserves the right, at its own discretion, at all times, to:

              · Decline to open a Unibet Account and/or to close an existing Unibet Account, without any explanation whatsoever;

              Forfeit and/or confiscate funds available on a Unibet Account and/or refuse to honour a claim, in the event that, directly or indirectly, the Unibet Rules have been violated and/or other unauthorised activities have occurred in connection with a betting event and/or the operation of a Unibet Account. This is subject to any of the said events being in connection with the Unibet Account and/or the claim in question;

              I dont believe this...they are taking my money.

              Can someone please help me?


              • Did they give an explanation why? Are they claiming you are a multiple account holder or bonus abuser? Have they also taken your deposit, or have they returned this to you?


                • No reasoning so far.
                  My account was closed in March 2012 and they said the account would stay closed permanently and in order to withdraw my funds i would need to send my documents. Unfortunately by that time i was in hospital treating a cancer.
                  One month ago i finnally managed to get back to my life and use computers again.
                  I asked on the live chat if the reason is because i took one year to send the documents..the assistant said "no".
                  I dont understand why one year ago they emailed me saying i could withdraw my funds, and now they are not paying me.
                  I made several deposits and withdrawals, i placed thousands in bets, i wasn´t playing for any bonuses.


                  • Glad are now better.
                    Seems very harsh treatment to you but as a year has passed may be much more difficult. Problem is that Unibet are now getting a reputation for doing such things as normal business practice.


                    • jpsilva,

                      can you provide a timeline listing
                      when you opened the account,
                      deposited money,
                      successfully received previous payments,
                      when Unibet closed the account and asked you to provide the documents
                      and finally when you provided the documents to them.


                      • Thank you G-Man. The assistant on the chat told me it has nothing to do with the time i took to send the documents. The only reason they gave me was the one i posted before...i went to chat again and another assistant told me he would ask the department the reason and would email me...i receive exactly the same answer, the quote of term 2.3.

                        Answering Pier0:

                        I have all emails from Unibet.

                        I signed up on 26/10/2010.
                        I have emails confirming 11 deposits and 6 withdrawals till 28/3/2012. I placed a lot of bets, thousands of euros and a lot of bets with high values.

                        On 30/03/2012 i received an email in portuguese saying that based on their term 2.3:

                        They reserve the right to:

                        a) Refuse a client to sign and/or close an account without explanation.
                        b) Refuse deposits without explanation.

                        Also saying that in order to withdraw my funds i should send identity card, proof of address and moneybookers screenshot.

                        Unfortunately, by the time i received this email my health problems began, i went to hospital and stayed there for more than one year.

                        When i finnaly had the chance to get back to my normal life i sent my documents as they asked. I did this on 30/05/2012.

                        Curious thing is that i read on some forums that some unibet users that had their accounts closed also had their moneybookers accounts closed.
                        The same happened to me on 08/06/2012. I believe this wasnt a coincidence.
                        I have been reading a lot of problems between Unibet and portuguese players.

                        Hopefully someone can please help me with this...i have a lot of money there that in this time of my life make all the diference.

                        Also i note that when i received the first email back in 2012 the term 2.3 didn´t say anything about "Forfeit and/or confiscate funds" like it says now.

                        Please someone help me


                        • Did you tell Unibet about your illness? Have you provided them a medical certificate?

                          I don't want to get personal, but I'm asking certain questions to understand what Unibet knows.


                          • Originally posted by pier0

                            Did you tell Unibet about your illness? Have you provided them a medical certificate?

                            I don't want to get personal, but I'm asking certain questions to understand what Unibet knows.

                            Again: Unibet told me it has nothing to do with timeframes. They didnt even asked me why i took one year to send the documents.


                            • Beside that: is there term where it says there is a timeframe to send the documents? And if there is, does the term indicates that the client needs a reason? I dont think so...

                              If the costumer sends the documents, they pay...if not, they obviously keep the winnings as the client failed to provide such documents.


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