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  • Bwin settled bet as void unfounded!

    My bookmaker Bwin cancelled the winnings of my bet to a football match last week in Saudi Arabia. (the match I mean is on the foolwing link http://de.soccerway.com/matches/2013/05/23/saudi-arabia/division-1/al-khaleej-saihat/al-riyadh-sc/1472256/?ICID=PL_MS_03) They relate to the same website regarding the starting time 17.25 hours (for Germany)and they want to tell me it is the German timezone. On every other websites I can see the starting time 19.25 hours (local time Saudi Arabia). The time difference to Germany is 1 hour. That's why and I am very sure that the match started 18.25 hours (German time). Even the resultservices of Bwin (!) and Bet 365 show this time as the starting time (see attached files) For that reason I ask anybody here to help me when possible to check again the official starting time of the match and give me a feedback.

  • The link you sent states a kick-of of 16:25. That is UK time. Also, I have done some searches for you on my computer (from UK) and found that the game started at 18:25 local time. Click on the scores here: http://www.futbol24.com/team/Saudi-Arabia/Al-Khaleej-Club/
    I know bwin are often guilty of voiding winning bets, but I think in this instance they are right.


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