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  • bet-at-home block my account and funds

    I have an account at bet-at-home from 3 years. I deposit and play fair everytime.
    Last time I fund my account, I place some bets and win it. I have 1700E in my account, and when I tried to acces on 4.05.2013, surprise: the account is locked. I talk with them but they says my account is suspected for multiaccounts and remain closed. This is an abuse, I have only an account and login only from my smartphone. Now they don't even answer my emails. Please help me to recuperate the funds.

  • many bad words i have heard about them, why to use them?
    no good odds and you are always under risk

    hope admins help
    good luck


    • Does it mean that they just took your (1700 EUR) money? lol I thought they are reliable.


      • Bet At Home are rated 1 on BookmakersReview.com and were downgraded to the Red List in January 2013. It is not recommended to bet with Red Listed bookmakers, and Bet At Home have proved themselves worthy of the downgrade. The bookmakers here tend to not be interested in communicating with sites like BMR to fix player issues.


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