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  • Noxwin

    I opened an account with Noxwin just over a week ago and after looking at the ridiculous bonus t&cs I clicked on "I do not want a bonus"
    I then deposited £400 and saw that my balance did not simply say 400 - it said something like £320 + £120.
    I immediately went on livechat and typed in my concern only to find out livechat was down and it had simply sent a message.

    I placed my bet of £400 @ 2.44 (my deposit) which won. My balance did not say £976 as expected so a series of emails followed which were all dismissed with something along the lines of "we cant do anything about it". A few days later I placed another £50 worth of bets.The bet won and my balance now says £680.56 + £287.44 - when it should really say £926.

    The whole thing makes no sense.
    Firstly I clicked no bonus, but even then surely as I only bet the deposit how would that effect the bonus amount??
    Looking at the difference in the figures it looks like the bonus was £42 so even if they decided that the £42 also went on the winner even that doesn't add up.

    The bonus t&cs are something like - bet the deposit +bonus 15 times within 20 days at odds of at least evens, but on £20 of any bet counts. The fact they have now limited me on most bets to just a few quid makes any chance of that pretty much impossible.

  • Forcing players to accept a bonus without giving them a chance to complete a rollover is an unethical practice.

    If you send us your contact details, we can speak to Noxwin on your behalf.


    • Thanks, but as time was running out and I was going to have to surrender £287 if I left it I decided by blindly putting £15 (€20) on even money shots in small markets I should only lose about 7% of 1800 =126.
      I actually ended up getting more winners than losers so got an extra £300 and just withdrew the lot.

      Thanks for offering to help though.


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