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  • 18bet - any info?

    It is a new bookie and I cant find much info. Their odds are close to SBO and Pinnacle. A/H, O/U, looks tempting. Can anyone say something about them?

  • Hi,Jackass.See this http://forum.punterslounge.com/threads/139452-18bet-Anyone-tried-this-one?p=2312026#post2312026


    • You need to register to read Punters Lounge.


      • Thanks quincunx but I will have to register -_-


        • Hello,

          My name is Olivier Brunel and I work at 18Bet.

          A short information - we are the latest online sports bookmaker on the market operated by Delasport LTD., with registered address at Gibraltar. Gaming activity is operated and regulated under license 029045-R-310884-001 issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Our odds are highly competitive, sports software is internally designed, developed and run. As to casino - we are usuing Microgaming’s software.

          I will be ever glad to answer any questions you may have.



          • Thanks for joining, can you tell BMR users how you manage to have highly competitive odds?

            Do you have an opinionated bookmaker? A lot of balanced action? Or is 18bet just taking incredible risks?


            • Hello pier0,

              Your question sounds professional, so the answer will be the same

              We were eager to offer European players odds, as competitive as those of the Asian bookies and generally such is the genuine aim of 18bet.com – to bring the advantages of Asian bookies to the European market. Sad to say that some of the customers are trying to take advantage of this for non-recreational activities (bonus abuse, searching for wrong odds, etc.)

              We have no opinionated bookie, yet we have a strong financial back and we are highly experienced. Our staff gained their experience in various European and Asian bookies. This, combined with our top level sports management system, designed and developed in-house makes it easy for us to report balanced activity.

              How we do it is purely a matter of experience gained over the years – both positive and negative. Now we know what we want to offer (high odds) and what we should never offer (delayed withdrawals) to our customers.

              I hope I could answer your questions.



              • So suppose a player doesn't abuse bonuses,and doesn't target wrong odds,but still wins from you.Would you severely restrict them or close their account ?


                • A lot of experience and a strong financial backer are very important, but to be successful as a bookmaker in the long run imho you need either opinions or balanced action, possibly both.

                  If you follow someone else numbers, say Pinnacle or the Asian market, without having their volume, is a recipe for disaster.

                  I'm not in any way suggesting this is the case with 18bet, mine is a general consideration.


                  • Hello quincunx,

                    Of course not. We strive to provide our customers with the best conditions - competitive high odds, fast payouts and reliable customer support so that they can experience the real pleasure from betting with us. We are happy when you win. We bet that you also enjoy it

                    For a reason we offer high odds - we want the European customer to be enjoying his play and no one can understand this better than we do - a team of passionate players ourselves. If a player knows how to play - we can only respect him for that.

                    We do our best not to put restrictions on our customers and we really do not want to close accounts.



                    • I have all proves to show you how "good" this bookmaker is.
                      I'm not professional bettor, but I buy some info and bet towards info I get.
                      I play only singles.

                      I heard of 18bet, read terms and rules, and deposit 400 Euros, I did input bonus code, you have 21 days to turnover 600 x 6 = 3.600 Euros in my case.

                      Limits are good, odds are kinda late.

                      First issue I had was odds on one event on home side, ALL across internet odds were around 1.80, 18bet had 1.85. Odds in asian bookmakers droped pretty fast, down to 1.55, and it was not mistake, it was info.

                      I was faster than 18bet, and I took 1.85, which were RIGHT STARTING odds, it was in all bookmakers as stated 10 sec before !

                      But they canceled my bet, as odds were wrong ?! I tried to report it, but no changing off decision ! I know I can't fight against them in this case, I let them be !

                      But then after couple of days 1-2, they limited my account to 1-4 Euros per bet, which is 100-1000 times less than normal, and now I can't turnover required bonus terms, as I have to turnover 2.500 euros in 15 days, which is IMPOSSIBLE !

                      Now they will say I didn't met requirements, which is impossible to met, they changed everything, and they will take away money that I earned with bonus, cause you can bet with bonus amount as well, as stated in their terms if requirements are not met, bonus and winning bets with bonus are redeemed

                      On top of that, I went to live chat and mail support asked what is going on, how can Individual be limited to impossible amount for bonus requirements, without warning and notice.

                      They told me that I have terms of use that I should read it, I said I did, but I still don't understand why am I being limited to such ridiculous amount. They said that I broke rules, I asked which, they didn't tell me, they just said unfair betting, I have screen shots of everything. And silly amounts and bonus rules and chat transcript ...

                      I filed even report to gambling commission UK, and they will investigate this case as well.

                      They will take away 134 Euros of bonus that I won with bonus money, and my account (normal) without bonus is in negative, I have less money than I started with.

                      I suggest for EVERY person to reconsider joining them, as they are scam in my opinion, they will cancel your bets cause of their mistakes, they will limit you when you earn money with bonus and trow you out ...

                      I hope they change or lose license, cause such bookmaker should not be available for public.


                      • Further more ! I have screen, and you can check cached version of 18bet.com where they say they are under Gambling Commission UK, but they are not !
                        "Thank you for your email regarding 18bet.com

                        This website is not licensed by the Gambling Commission as their remote equipment is based outside of Great Britain."

                        And now they changed it to some unknown issuer ..

                        "AntillePhone Licence Verification"

                        Talking about the scam and FAKE website !

                        Guys AVOID this bookmaker, I have images to prove all I'm saying.

                        18bet.com is licensed and regulated by the Gambling
                        Commission - (license number 029045).

                        18bet.com is licensed and regulated under license 8048/JAZ2010-010.


                        • For what it's worth, I checked the UK Gambling Commission's website and there is no record of 18Bet ever having been licensed by them (this includes licences which have now expired, have been surrendered or have been revoked/suspended).


                          • 18bet did state that they had a UK licence, and it seems now to be governed by Curacao. They also have IBAS on their site and the IBAS sites confirms that 18bet (Delasport Ltd) have the accreditation. Have you contacted them?


                            • I contacted all ! Gambling commission said that there is this company: Delasport LTD
                              I contacted both license issuers. This is very weird and I hope I will get more into this. But overall this is already sign of unprofessional business operator.

                              18bet.com before:
                              * 18bet is operated by Delasport LTD., with registered address at Suites 7B & 8B, 50 Town range, Gibraltar. Gaming activity is operated and regulated under license 029045-R-310884-001 issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

                              18bet.com now:
                              *18bet is operated by BELLONA NV., with registered address at E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curacao, and office located at Landhuis Groot Kwartier, Groot Kwartierweg 12, Willemstad, Curacao. Gaming activity is regulated under license license 8048/JAZ2010-010 granted by the government of Curacao.

                              I even contacted Skrill, cause I used it to deposit money, so they check it on their own, to who they issue services.

                              I hope to get chance to bet FAIRLY. They brag with competitive odds, but if you take bonus, they will just limit you, and make it impossible to turnover money - ever !

                              And then tell you that they didn't take away your money, cause you had chance to turn it over, no matter if that is 1000 bets, which is INSANE !

                              I hope even if people register, not to participate in their bonus as they will NEVER get it !


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