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  • Complaint against Doxxbet


    (I hope I write my complaint in the intended forum if not then please pass this complaint to the right forum).

    I writing you for ask help about problem that I have one one fraud bookmakers that i not succeed to resolve more than one year.

    The bookmakers doxxbet.com (working under LGA-malta licence) froze my account one year ago and refuse to send me the money that I deposited+the winning.
    They hold me total more than 12,000 EUR
    in the beginning they told me that they need to make verification about my paysafecard vouchers deposit.
    after few weeks they stopped to provide me information and decided ignore all my claims.

    it is impossible that it's take more than 12 months fot check the account, I think they want to steal my funds that I won.
    in the beginning they told me that this case under investigation of the authorities (and not told which authorities exact) but they are never asked me to provide information or to answer about questions no by the bookmakers and not by the authorities (that I believe that the authorities not involve in this case and the bookmakers lie that they involve) from the simply reason that noone talk to me more than 12 months because if there is an investigation I should have a part maybe not in the first month but also 11 mounts later no information?
    if the authorities does involve then I do believe that I has get an information in this long time.

    I also spoke with PaySafeCard about this case the money I deposited by their payment system and they told me that everything is fine and the transactions was approved and transfered to the bookmakers by 100%.

    I do not have correspondence with the bookmakers because the simply and known reason that they never answer to my emails been 12 months and everytime I call them by phone (+421 903488488 their slovak phone number) then they hang up the phone.

    This is actions of fraud bookmakers.

    I already contacted LGA the operator of their licence, but also from them I long time didn't hear for resolve this case.

    What can I do with this case?
    I will be happy if you can assist me for receive my funds.

    Thank you...

  • You say you don't have copies of communications because they never reply, but what about the emails where Doxxbet informed you that your account was under investigation, do you have those?

    And do you have the emails where PaySafeCard say the transactions were approved and funds transferred to the bookmaker?


    • When they froze my betting account they didn't inform me nothing, I tried to login my account and then I saw that my account froze and then I called them instantly for ask the reason to the decision and then they told me that my account under investigation.
      They not sent me information by email to inform me about it.

      and from PaySafeCard I got the information about the transactions by phone too and it's sure that if the transactions not approved then I will not get the money to my account.

      Anyway doesn't metter what investigation they make (and they not make nothing, they just want to steal the money) it's not should take so long time and if it's should take so long time then I should to be involve in the case but more than one year they didn't gave me information.
      This is an intolerable situation, any time that I call then by phone they are hang up the phone after I tell them my username.
      if you want I can make conference Call with them that you will hear and know that how much they are fraud and bad and thieves.

      I'm really don't know what to do..


      • Where are you based? When did you contact the LGA the first time?


        • from holon.
          first time I contacted LGA was month and a half after doxxbet customer service start to hang up the phone any time when I call them and total ignore me and it was around 11 months ago (May 2012).

          Thank you so much.


          • now I checked in the history of my email and I saw automatic confirmations that I got from Doxxbet about my PaySafeCard deposits.
            I can forward it if is necessary.

            Thank you....


            • It appears that you are doing the rounds asking for help at every review site and that you conveniently forget to mention information that has emerged elsewhere.

              What are you trying to do? Race different review sites into assisting you?

              Either way, starting a discussion with a bookmaker that has already taken on a position after being contacted by someone else, complicates the entire complaint process.

              Combined to the fact this is a year old case and the sum involved is considerable, I recommend you contact a lawyer.


              • I told that I already contacted LGA (the operator of their licence) for help but they didn't answer me long time and the other bookmakers review said me that they can't resolve this case and they told me that this case already closed there and they not continue to act.
                so I came here to ask if you can help me?

                if you can success to resolve it I have no problem to pay you nice fee.
                anyway it is a fraud of bookmakers, but I'm really don't know how to resolve it if they ignore my claim more than one year.

                and I'm really don't think you should rate them high.
                When they are doing cash out for customers in small amounts it's not a froof for good bookmaker, you should text them by high amounts as my case that they not pay and send the player to speake to the sky.

                can you do something?

                Thank you.


                • Even if they ignored your case for more than one year, why didn't you act sooner?

                  Why SBR says you submitted the same complaint under two different names?

                  And is it possible that you don't have the emails because in the emails they accuse of using stolen paysafecards?

                  You need the help of a lawyer, not a review site.


                  • I contacted sooner LGA and SBT.
                    SBR misatake and I don't know what they want.
                    I sent complaint in the beginning and after few months when I forgot from this complaint I sent again in the last month but from my second email address.
                    What wrong here that I have 2 email addresses? in doxxbet I have just one account.
                    maybe SBR forum work with doxxbet (there is one user that that wotk in doxx) and because it i contact you.
                    About paysafecard I spoke with them by phone, they do not send emails for confirm that the transactions was approved after I make the transaction (I have emails from doxx about the automatic confirmation of the transaction).
                    and this vouchers not stolen!
                    that's what doxx can say but maybe ask them for a reference number from paysafecard about this case?
                    because if paysafecard did complaint about these deposits that I made then they was send to the bookmakers mail with by reference number, but doxxbet lie and there is no communucation between them and paysafecard, if there is a communication then where is the reference number?
                    I have proof that I bought this voucher by my credit card.

                    but this is not the case, the case is that doxxbet don't want to pay me.
                    if they would like to resolve this case they could ask me to provide documents and proof of purchase but they didn't ask for nothing!
                    no communications between us more then one year because they ignore me.

                    please tell me what should I provide you for resolve this case to show that I right and the doxxbet fraud?

                    Thank you.


                    • Can you enlighten us on how your winnings was achieved? Sports/Poker/Casino?


                      • just sports


                        • someone know what should I do with this bookmakers please?


                          • Well,you could post under bookmakers in the forum on betrush,on Punterslounge,and in the SBR forum.Doxxbet might be refusing to talk to you,but they might be provoked into defending their own reputation.
                            N.B If you do that,mention their statement about the vouchers,and that you can prove you purchased them with a credit card.That will prevent Doxxbet from using that as a defence again.


                            • but there is no law that they must pay to their customers if they are working under licence of country?
                              someone know if lawyer can help me in this case for get my money back?
                              and which kind of lawyer I need?
                              what should be his specialization?
                              and from which country I need to take? from Malta? from Slovakia? or lawyer from my country?
                              and how it's work?
                              The lawyer should prosecutor doxxbet.com in court or that he also will go to send the claims to- LGA?

                              someone here know lawyers office that can resolve this case?

                              Thank you.


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