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Betting Lines & UEFA Europa League Betting Odds

The Europa League competition is an annual cup competition for the domestic squads that qualify from their respective league's top-tier division. All of Europe's top leagues have their own qualifying rules. Still, an English club that wins the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup, or is the fifth-placed team in the EPL can qualify for the Europa League if they haven't already qualified for the UEFA Champions League.

The Europa League is the second biggest cup competition for big-time clubs throughout Europe. Qualification is based on a national league and cup competition performance, thus adding more competitive soccer matches for European teams that may be out of the title race.

Today, we're taking a closer look at the Europa League odds, how to read the betting lines and some of the betting strategies you can implement when approaching this soccer betting market.

Understanding Europa League Odds

Before diving into the Europa League soccer odds, it's imperative to understand the odds and how to read them.

The best online sportsbooks present Europa League odds in three formats:

  • American (+100)
  • Decimal (2.00)
  • Fractional (1/1)

The American odds are the default setting and the most commonly used for U.S. betting sites.

When using American odds, bettors will be presented with (-) or (+) symbols before a number.

The (-) symbol represents betting favorites and is usually placed next to teams with the best club performances. They tell a bettor how much they'll have to stake to win $100.

Betting Favorite Example

If Manchester United is priced at -185 to win a Europa League game, you'd need to stake $180 to win $100. Your initial stake is also returned.

Wagers with the (+) icon represent an underdog position – a bet with a 49.9% or lower probability of winning. They tell a bettor how much is won from a $100 stake.

Betting the Underdog Example

If Villareal has a moneyline price of +250 in a Europa League game, a $100 stake would return $250 in profit and your original $100 stake.

Europe League Outright Winner Betting

There's a vast amount of popular UEFA Europa League betting markets, as the competition – formerly known as UEFA Cup – owns a rich history in professional soccer dating back to 1971.

However, from all the bet types involved, the outright betting market has long been one of the most approached by bettors.

Outright winner bets are when a bettor wagers on a team or player to win the overall competition or individual award.

Previous Europa League Winners

The most successful club in Europa League history is Sevilla, having won the competition on six occasions since its inception. Spanish clubs are generally some of the most competitive Europa League entrants; La Liga entrants have won the tournament thirteen times since its birth in 1971. Furthermore, Sevilla and Real Madrid hold the record for the only teams who've ever retained their titles.

Europa League Cup Winners From The Past Decade:

  • 2011-12: Atletico Madrid
  • 2012-13: Chelsea
  • 2013-14: Sevilla
  • 2014-15: Sevilla
  • 2015-16: Sevilla
  • 2016-17: Manchester United
  • 2017-18: Atletico Madrid
  • 2018-19: Chelsea
  • 2019-20: Sevilla
  • 2020-21: Villareal
  • 2021-22: Eintracht Frankfurt

These competition winners hold some of the most successful teams in Europe. 

Europe League Betting Trends

From its group stage to the Europa playoff round, finding suitable gameplans to approach the Europa League betting markets can be overwhelming. However, it doesn't matter if you're looking at betting favorites in the knockout playoffs or any alternative betting markets; implementing betting trends into your strategy can be useful.

Betting trends help us understand a team's prior success by displaying key statistics, such as how many times a specific bet has been successful.

In addition, the alternative betting trends are based on line movement, showing a percentage of wagers placed on one side or the other. For example, if 60% of bettors are wagering on Team A, only 40% of wagers are going on Team B.

The former is known as the betting consensus, and if you take this bet, it's referred to as "backing the public." If you take Team B, this would be known as "fading the public."

Both betting trend meanings provide valuable approaches to your wagering strategies and can assist you in making an informed betting choice.

Europa League Betting Tips

Here are some beginner tips for wagering on the Europa League:

  • Maintain a bankroll and bet 1-5% of it per game.
  • Research the games you bet on.
  • Don't always pick the betting favorites.
  • Shop for your odds and use multiple sportsbooks.
  • Don't bet more than you can afford.
  • Losses happen, don't chase them!

FAQs – Europa League Odds & Betting

Is the Europa League an important sporting event?

The Europa League is UEFA's second-tier club competition, below the Champions League. Therefore, it is the second-most prestigious cup tournament in Europe.

When does the Europa League start?

Europa League group stages begin in September. The knockout stage of the Europa League starts in February, and the finals are in May.

When do sportsbooks release their Europa League odds to the betting public?

When each European league has determined its Europa League entrants, bookmakers instantly release outright winner odds on the clubs involved. Alternative betting markets are usually released in August following the group stage draw.

How old do I have to be to bet on the Europa League?

Whether you are betting on the UEFA Champions League, Serie A or the UEFA Super Cup, sportsbooks will only accept wagers from customers at least 21 years old. There are a few exceptions, as some operators have lowered the age to 18.

Is betting on an online sportsbook or mobile app safe and secure?

Yes, but you must use a reputable, licensed and trustworthy sportsbook. You can find top-rated sportsbooks through our bookmaker review system.