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Best Boxing Odds & Lines

Although they have come a long way from Ancient Greece, combat sports still have a way of capturing the public. Professional boxing has dominated the headlines in recent years and garnered unfathomable popularity along with an extensive fan base.

In today's comprehensive guide, we'll assist bettors in further understanding boxing odds and betting lines, the various ways you can bet on boxing at online sportsbooks and answer the most frequently asked questions about boxing.

Betting on Boxing

Fighting is an age-old tradition, and although it isn't 100% confirmed, wrestling and boxing are considered to be the first-ever sports played, so the popularity of boxing isn't too shocking when considering its rich history and while the days of fighting to the death inside the gladiator arena at the Colosseum are long over, fighters that don modern-day boxing gloves certainly drum up the same level of excitement. 

Modern-day styles of boxing are heavily supported by boxing betting sites. Boxing betting lines have been available since nearly the first-ever boxing match. Still, with the attention to boxing more prevalent than ever, sportsbooks have really ramped up their event coverage, so you can bet on big-time title matches as well as smaller fights. 

A top-rated offshore sportsbook like those ranked and rated by our expert team provides a wealth of boxing fight odds markets. Due to the simplicity of boxing – two boxers exchange punches until a winner is declared – you'd rarely need a boxing betting guide. However, there are still several factors to consider before making your boxing picks, and we'll discuss those later in this guide.

Common Boxing Betting Markets

Each sportsbook will differ regarding its boxing market variety. However, the most commonly approached boxing lines and boxing fight odds include some of the following:

Boxing Moneylines

Moneyline wagers are the most popular at boxing betting sites, as this type of wager is the most basic from a betting perspective. Pick the winner of the boxing match, and you win the bet if your selection is correct.

Method of Victory Boxing Betting

Betting on the method of victory is one of the most common prop bets in the sport. Boxers have multiple methods to obtain victory in the boxing ring, and bettors can bet these specific outcomes for higher-valued betting odds:

  • By technical knockout/knockout
  • By decision or based on points (technical decision, unanimous decision or majority decision)
  • Disqualification
  • Draw or Technical Draw

The winning method betting market is undoubtedly more challenging and involves more significant risk. However, with that risk comes reward, as the profits earned are significantly more lucrative than betting on the winner of the entire fight. 

Over/Under & Total Round Betting

The total rounds betting market is entirely different from picking a fight winner but is almost as popular. Punters predict whether the fight will finish before or after a specific number of rounds (e.g., Over 8.5 Rounds, Under 8.5 Rounds). The fight's winner is irrelevant, but those betting the over will be rooting for a decision, while under bettors will hope the fight ends via technical or straight knockout.

Prop Betting on Fights

Picking a fighter to win and the method he achieves the victory is known as a prop bet or proposition bet. However, this is just one of many, as prop bets include wagers on whether something will happen or not during the fight. 

Some of the most favorable boxing prop betting markets include:

Will the fight go the distance: You bet on whether or not the fight will exceed the allotted duration. Picking yes would require the fight to reach the judges' scorecards, but you would lose if there was a first-round knockout.

Will there be a knockdown: Bettors can wager on whether or not either fighter will get a knockdown or be knocked down. If the ref administers any fighter a count, this is a knockdown.

Individual Round Wagers: This is where pick an exact round a fighter will win in. You aren't just picking the exact round a fighter wins in, but also which fighter will be victorious, and for this reason, the betting odds are incredibly lucrative.

Group Round Bets: Again, this bet type doesn't reflect which fighter wins the bout, as the group round bet tasks you with choosing a group of rounds you think will end. Any fighter can win, but the fight must be stopped in the group of rounds you bet for your wager to cash.

The aforementioned boxing bet types are just the beginning; you can explore the vast boxing betting markets at any top-rated sportsbook to discover an endless selection of bet types.

How to Read Boxing Odds

You can't begin wagering on professional boxing without understanding the betting odds in front of you. Below we've explained the boxing betting odds formats in detail.

American Odds Explained

American odds (-): -350

  • Stake: $350
  • Profit: $100
  • Total Return (Including stake): $450

The American odds format displays odds with a baseline of $100. The (-) symbol represents the betting favorite or an outcome more favorable than its opposite. The minus symbol shows a bettor how much they must stake to win $100.

American odds (+): +500

  • Stake: $100
  • Profit: $500
  • Total Return (Including stake): $600

American odds showing a (+) symbol are known as underdog wagers; they show a bettor how much profit a $100 stake makes.

Decimal Odds Explained

The decimal odds format shows a bettor how much is won from every $1 staked. If the odds reason 2.00, the line would be considered even and would return $1 in profit from every $1 staked – decimal odds include your stake as the overall payout to avoid confusion.

Decimal odds (Favorite): 1.90

  • Stake: $110
  • Profit: $100
  • Total Return: $210

Decimal odds (Underdog): 3.00

  • Stake: $100
  • Profit: $200
  • Total Return (Including stake): $300

Fractional Odds Explained

The fractional odds format shows two numbers separated by a forward slash. The left-sided number indicates how much is won, while the right-sided number signifies how much must be staked. Underdog odds are shown when the left-sided number exceeds the value of the right-sided number.

Fractional odds (Favorite): 1/10

  • Stake: $10
  • Profit: $1
  • Total Return: $11

Fractional odds (Underdog): 8/1

  • Stake: $100
  • Profit: $800
  • Total Return (Including stake): $900

Other Factors to Consider When Placing a Wager

Deciding whether the betting favorite or underdog is worth betting on in a boxing bout can be challenging. We'd all be rich if it wasn't, right? We've discussed each betting position below to provide you with some food for thought.

Why You Might Want to Bet on the Favorite to Win

Betting favorites are the fighters expected to win a given bout. Oddsmakers calculate and provide betting odds based on numerous factors, and commonly in boxing, fighters priced -300 and above typically win.

Betting the favorite is a logical course of action, but the problem is the smaller payouts and juiced odds. Boxing is renowned for its heavily juiced moneyline prices on top boxers like Tyson Fury. Still, it can take bettors a long time to build a respectable long-term ROI% (return on investment) when consistently backing favorites.

Why You Might Want to Bet on the Underdog Fighter to Win

Betting underdogs is considerably more valuable, but the risk is generally higher. Oddsmakers' algorithms and extensive research aren't placing a fighter in an underdog position for no reason; they expect this fighter to lose.

The good news is that sportsbooks aren't always correct with their anticipated outcome, and a bettor with extensive knowledge in boxing can pick up on underdog fighters who have a greater chance of success than the odds suggest. It may take some extra work, but underdog betting is the route to garnering long-term boxing betting success.

How to Place Bets on Boxing

For those struggling to understand the simplicity of placing an online boxing wager, we've provided a step-by-step guide below that will assist you in placing your first boxing wager within minutes.

Step 1: Discover a top-rated sportsbook from our bookmaker review section and click the site link.

Step 2: Locate the "register," "sign-up," or "join now" button – usually found on the site's landing page - click it, and proceed to the registration page.

Step 3: Enter the basic details requested; you'll need some form of identification, so be sure to have this readily available. Complete the registration form and confirm your account via the email in your inbox.

Step 4: Find the cashier section of the sportsbook. Decide which depositing option best suits you, and remember to utilize a promo code (if applicable). Fill out your payment details and enter the amount you wish to deposit before confirming.

Step 5: You're now ready to place your first boxing wager. Head to the boxing tab, find a bet type you're interested in, enter your stake, and confirm the bet.

Boxing Betting FAQ

What is round betting in boxing?

This is where bettors must predict a fight's exact round. The odds are incredibly lucrative due to this wager's difficulty level, and more value can be found if you combine a specific fighter to win and the exact round.

When betting on boxing, what happens if the match is a tie?

If you've placed a moneyline wager on a boxing fight, but the bout ends in a tie, bets will be voided, and your stake is returned – unless the draw option was included in the offered market. If you wagered on the tie, it's your lucky day.

When can I start betting on boxing?

Right now. Most boxing events are held on a Saturday or Sunday, but sportsbooks will have boxing odds available for you to bet on in advance. Simply find a trustworthy sportsbook, register an account, and place your first boxing bet within minutes.

When do sportsbooks release their boxing odds to the public?

Boxing betting odds are released weekly. High-profile fights scheduled months in advance will have early betting lines you can wager on. 3

Can betting on professional fights be profitable?

Yes, wagering on fights can become a highly lucrative activity and, for some, a full-time job. However, a professional handicapping strategy must be enforced.