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Football games tend to be more unpredictable at the college level than they are in the NFL. Why? Because there’s a much bigger gap in team quality. The weakest teams in the NFL are rarely so bad that they have no chance at all of causing the strongest teams some problems.
When you evaluate quarterbacks in games you’re handicapping, what statistics do you use? You can quickly look up completion percentage and compare touchdowns to interceptions, but is this where you stop?
The average football fan who watches all the games can do very well predicting games if they know what details to focus on and how to prepare. So let’s go through a list of all the human element factors that I take into consideration during the lead-up to a game.
The main reason why I recommend betting on NCAA football is because offensive and defensive schemes are predictable. The head coach has an influence on the schemes used by each team, but the offensive and defensive coordinators are the ones that really set the schemes.
College football bettors looking to expand their horizons should take a look at a number of NCAAF props bets where there is money to be made. There are two CFB props that typically offer bettors a lot of value – the first touchdown scorer prop and the anytime touchdown scorer prop. To get the most out of each of these bets, it helps to understand how they work first. Follow along in this college football touchdown scorer props betting guide.
Betting on college football can be one of the most intimidating forms of wagers because of the unpredictability of the sport. Like any form of betting, we have to be as informed as possible before placing wagers. As always, we have you covered for the best ways to make money.
What do you need to do in order to have a profitable 2021 college football season? These tips will set you on the right path well before the season even begins. If you factor these ideas into your 2021 college football bets, with a little bit of lady luck you can be happy at the end of the season.

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