How to Know What Are the Best Bet Types For You

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Jacob deGrom #48 of the New York Mets. Mark Brown/Getty Images/AFP

At first, sports betting is all about trial and error. You’re going to have great days and you’re going to have poor days. If you’re like me, you can limit the poor days by playing just one or two bets a day. That’s where I find the most success. However, others find more success betting a ton of games on a given day.

Again, it’s all about trial and error. When you feel comfortable in an area and start to win multiple games with a higher ROI, there’s a good chance you have a good knack for looking at numbers that fit that kind of bet.

Full Game Total

For example, I was always an over-team total baseball guy. I would always bet team totals over on full games and bet three games per day. I was hitting my bets earlier this season at a rate of 54 percent and was barely profitable. It was a complete struggle. I went back and did research on why I was losing all these bets that I really thought would hit.

It turns out that the teams I was betting would dominate the starting pitcher and then need one or two more runs to cover the full game team total. Of course, the bullpens would shut these offenses down and I’d lose my bet. So instead of taking three teams’ totals a day, I went and tried one bet a day with five-inning team totals. This means that I would only bet the team total through the first five innings for a team.

A Bet a Day

When I started this in the middle of June, I found myself cashing about 70 percent of bets when taking over in the first five innings in comparison to taking full game team total overs and hitting just 54 percent.

Sometimes the numbers and analytics are there and even if you lose, you’re not wrong for losing. But if you’re able to adjust and figure out why you’re losing bets and change your approach slightly, you will find so much more success. Once I started hitting first-five team totals at a high rate, I realized that those were the types of bets I see the best.

Give Time to Your Bets

I would recommend sticking to one niche and a niche inside that niche. What I mean by this is, don’t try to bet 100 different sports. Stick to one or two and really hone in on those two sports. If you have to research five different sports a day, you’re not giving your bets enough time of day to really feel confident in them.

To find your favorite sport to cap and stay away from the other sports on a daily basis. From there, look through all your bets and see what you’ve hit at a higher rate. Are you hitting full game totals the most, spread bets the most? Small moneyline favorites the most? Find what you’ve been good at.

Once you find what you’ve been good at, you can limit the number of games to research and then you can really dive into three or five games that fit your niche and criteria. From there, you’ll win a whole lot more and enjoy a secondary income.