6 Best Sportsbooks in 2023 - Top Betting Sites Reviewed

Amid countless websites claiming to be the best, you can see all the best sports betting sites reviewed in one place here at BMR to see which online sportsbook truly measures up.

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Best Sportsbooks

Our team of experts set out to discover the six top  sportsbooks for U.S. players. They diligently registered with hundreds of betting platforms, rigorously testing each one before finally narrowing it down to these exceptional online sports betting operators.

  1. BetOnline – Best for generous bonuses
  2. Bovada – Best for reputation and integrity
  3. Bookmaker – Best for early lines
  4. Heritage Sports – Best for crypto betting
  5. BetAnySports – Best for obscure markets
  6. Everygame – Best for worldwide market coverage

The Best Online Betting Sites for U.S. Players

Handpicked betting sites based on our rigorous performance index

The best online sportsbooks offer competitive odds, enticing deposit bonuses with reasonable rollover requirements and a wide variety of betting options for popular sports. Below, we go over the best online sports betting sites according to our experts. 


Established 2001

Visit BetOnline
Best For
Bonus Hunter 8.5
Availability 1st
Future Bets 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Trust 1st
Response Time 1st
Anti-Fraud Measures 1st
100% Free Play

1. The Best Sportsbook Overall: BetOnline

Key Features:

With a legacy dating back to 2004, BetOnline has evolved into a trusted and reputable sportsbook over the past two decades. This operator is most renowned for its ability to release betting odds ahead of other online sportsbooks, which offers an extra edge to your online sports bets.

BetOnline offers a great range of sports including all of the most popular options as well as things like esports, cricket and Aussie rules football.  There are also four different sports betting bonuses for new users to choose from with reasonable rollovers and low minimum deposits.

Crypto players who make their initial deposit in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or another accepted coin can receive up to $1,000 in bonus money. 

2. Best Sportsbook for Reputation and Integrity: Bovada


Established 2011

Visit Bovada
Best For
Mobile Bettor 9.0
Availability 1st
Betting Limits 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Tutorial or Help Resources 1st
Trust 1st
Speed and Responsiveness 1st
75% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Bovada, born from the legacy of the well-known Bodog brand, has been delivering a premier betting experience to its users since 2011. It quickly became one of the most popular and highly-rated online sportsbooks because of the wide range of options, and the dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience to mobile bettors. 

Bovada Sportsbook offers high betting limits on a range of sports, even doubling limits on some special college sports events. Players can enjoy live betting on desktop or mobile, as well as a fully-loaded real money casino. 

The mobile betting site functions smoothly and intuitively, allowing sports fans to access any area of the sportsbook on the go. New users can also enjoy more than $3,000 in bonus funds with certain promotions.

3. Best Sportsbook for High Betting Limits: Bookmaker


Established 1996

Visit Bookmaker
Best For
Professional Bettor 9.0
Knowledge and Professionalism 1st
Website Security 1st
Response Time 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Variety of Sports 1st
Welcome Bonus 1st
25% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

If you’re in the market for a sportsbook that warmly welcomes veterans, accommodates hefty betting volumes and appreciates loyalty in an extraordinary fashion, BookMaker Sportsbook undoubtedly sits atop the leaderboard. Founded in 1996 in San Jose, Costa Rica, this sportsbook has been one of the top betting destinations among sports fans for almost thirty years.

Bookmaker.eu allows players to bet on their favorite sports from all over the world, including college sports in the U.S. and nearly every single game of soccer played around the world. Along with the impressive range of sports, players can also place all types of bets on horse racing, entertainment and more. 

Experienced bettors will enjoy the competitive betting odds and ongoing sports betting bonuses they will reap from the loyalty program. 

4. Best Sportsbook for Reduced Juice Odds: Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports

Established 2001

Visit Heritage Sports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.6
Knowledge and Professionalism 1st
Withdrawal Methods 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Welcome Bonus 1st
Know Your Customer (KYC) 1st
Trust 1st
50% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Boasting more than two decades of serving online sports bettors, Heritage Sports embodies reliability and experience. At its official launch in 1994, this was an exclusive, invitation-only online sports betting site, but it now invites action from all sports fans. 

One thing that truly sets this online sports betting site apart from the rest is the huge range of markets available, from basketball to volleyball, players won’t miss a thing at Heritage. 

It also has fewer fees associated with all transactions across the board, making it stand out from many other online sportsbooks. Some withdrawal options, like Bitcoin and sportsbook transfer, even process on the day they’re requested. 

5. Best Sportsbook for Quick and Reliable Payouts: BetAnySports


Established 2002

Visit BetAnySports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 9.0
Withdrawal Methods 1st
In-Play Betting 1st
Welcome Bonus 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Trust 1st
Frequency of Odds Updates 1st
30% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

BetAnySports is a comprehensive sportsbook that offers a huge range of sports and betting options, all within an easy-to-use interface. With a minimum betting limit as low as $0.50, it’s an attractive choice for beginners, while seasoned bettors can take advantage of maximum limits up to $5,000. For those seeking even higher stakes, the dedicated customer service team can accommodate special requests.

What truly sets BetAnySports apart from other online sports betting operators is the huge range of reduced juice betting options available. Most offshore sites only offer reduced juice on one or two leagues, but BetAnySports boosts profits across the sportsbook. 

There are fewer sportsbook bonuses available than other operators due to the reduced juice model, but BetAnySports provides an enjoyable experience to players at all levels. 

6. Best Sportsbook for Quick and Reliable Payouts: Everygame


Established 1996

Visit Everygame
Best For
Niche Sports Fan 8.3
Knowledge and Professionalism 1st
Betting Limits 1st
Wagering Requirements 1st
Tutorial or Help Resources 1st
Trust 1st
Search and Filter Options 1st
100% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Everygame Sportsbook has made its mark in the sports betting industry with its customer-centric approach and a broad array of betting options. Originally known as Intertops, this pioneer in the online sports betting industry opened in 1996. It is an all-in-one betting site that includes a sportsbook, casino and poker. 

What separates Everygame from other betting sites is that players can bet on almost any sport, including things like darts and cricket, all while enjoying competitive odds. 

Everygame also offers some of the best sportsbook bonuses, including a deposit match that spans your first three deposits so you can enjoy even more funds, with lower minimum deposits and playthrough requirements. 

Best Betting Sites for Sharp Bettors

BookMaker is one of the top places for online bettors seeking high limits and a competitive variety of odds markets. Whether its college betting or a huge international soccer tournament, Bookmaker.eu is one of the first books to publish their lines. 

BetOnline is another betting site that provides an enjoyable experience for sharp bettors. Not only are there deep markets on a wide variety of popular sports, but high-rollers can also benefit from an instant re-bet feature.

Best Mobile Betting Site

Mobile bettors using offshore sites may not be able to download a traditional sports betting app but that doesn’t mean that they’re missing out. 

Most sports betting websites offer fully-optimized mobile sportsbooks that function just like an app. Bovada is among the best in the online sports betting industry. 

Players can access the full range of betting options anywhere they have an internet connection from their phones or tablets. Mobile bettors at Bovada can access the full range of betting options, from game props to futures bets, and even in-game betting.

Best Betting Sites for Professional Bettors

Bookmaker.eu is one of the best sports betting options for professional bettors. It does not restrict winning players, so you will always be able to wager what you want on your favorite sports. BookMaker also publishes its lines very quickly, providing professionals with an opportunity to grab appealing lines before public sentiment causes them to move.

Heritage Sports is another firm favorite with pro bettors. It is also quick to release lines, welcomes sharp action, and offers -108 lines on spreads and totals. We can highly recommend BetAnySports for reduced juice lines on sides and totals too.

Top Betting Site for New Bettors

BetOnline is one of the best sports betting websites for new sports bettors and casual players alike. The user interface is clean, but interactive, which makes it extremely simple to navigate. 

BetOnline also has low minimum deposits and generous sports betting bonuses to help inexperienced players get comfortable as they explore their sports betting options.

Top Online Betting Site for Bonuses

Bovada is one of the top online betting sites for sports bettors seeking the best bonuses. At Bovada, new users can earn up to $750 on their first deposit using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or other coin; players funding their accounts with regular cash can add as much as $250 to their bankroll. 

On top of these bonus offers being exceptionally generous, Bovada Sportsbook makes it easy to meet the requirements to turn your bonus money into real cash. The minimum deposit is just $20 and there is a 5x playthrough requirement.

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

BookMaker is the best option on the online sports betting market for players who deal in Bitcoin; any network fees you incur from moving funds into your account are reimbursed. 

Many of the best offshore sportsbooks offer Bitcoin as a banking option. It is a quick, secure and convenient payment option. However, you will have to pay a network fee to send BTC to and from your account at most online sportsbooks.

Nitrobetting is also one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. Nitrogen Sports players bet exclusively with Bitcoin. They also enjoy same-day Bitcoin payouts from this operator.

Best Betting Site for Niche Sports

Most online betting sites feature the most popular sports, but what about bettors who like markets outside the mainstream? Everygame Sportsbook is the best online option for niche sports fans, thanks to the wide range of markets available. 

Players can place all types of bets on sports like table tennis, snooker and more. Everygame also offers interesting futures bets on politics in the United States, college betting and more. 

Top Sportsbooks for Seasoned Bettors

Online sports bettors who have been in the game for a long time know exactly what they want out of the sports betting websites they use. They’re not fooled by flashy sportsbook bonuses; it’s the meat and potatoes that matters. 

If that’s you, you’ll feel right at home at Heritage Sports. Formerly an invite-only platform, they offer comprehensive in-game betting with real-time odds updates and instead of one-off sportsbook bonuses, they take no house edge on certain popular sports. 

BetAnySports is another great choice for seasoned bettors. This straightforward platform combines generous bonus offers and reduced juice to help online sports bettors maximize their value. 

Best Betting Sites for Live Betting

Bovada offers customers a very broad selection of live betting options. That includes a range of alternate spreads and totals, a long list of game props and fast markets. For example, you can bet on which MLB team will score the next run. It also provides scores and updates throughout the game to keep you up-to-date with developments on the field.

Heritage Sports is another highly-rated sportsbook for in-game betting. It provides very competitive lines on live events, and the site makes it quick and easy for you to place bets while the action unfolds.

Top Sports Betting Websites by League

Finding sports betting websites that are tailored to your favorite sports can enhance the experience. From offering more specific and unique sports betting markets to dishing out tons of bonus bets, the sportsbooks below all shine for a different sport. 

Along with the comprehensive guides for each of the top sports above, you can check out the standout sportsbook for each league below. 

Best Betting Site for the NFL in 2023

George Kittle San Francisco 49ers NFL player

When it comes to betting on the National Football League, no site does it better than BookMaker. The site is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of all NFL games, offering a wide range of betting markets and competitive odds. 

BookMaker also provides a wealth of statistical data, helping bettors make informed decisions. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, making it a favorite among NFL enthusiasts.

Best College Football Betting Site

Dorian Thompson-Robinson UCLA Bruins Xavion Alford USC Trojans

BetOnline takes the crown for the best online sports betting site for college football. It provides the latest odds on all college football games, ensuring that bettors can make the most informed decisions.

In addition to a robust selection of games, BetOnline also offers a variety of promotions and odds boosts which increase the potential for a bigger return on your college sports bets. This, along with its reputation for reliability and security, makes it a top choice for college football fans.

Best Sportsbook for the NBA

For those looking to bet on the National Basketball Association, BetAnySports is the way to go. This sportsbook offers a wide array of NBA betting options, from moneylines and point spreads to futures and prop bets.

Its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service make wagering smooth and enjoyable. BetAnySports also offers competitive odds, ensuring you get the most value for your NBA bets.

Top College Basketball Sportsbook

Everygame is the top choice for betting on NCAA basketball. Everygame provides a comprehensive selection of college basketball games to bet on, complemented by a variety of betting options. It offers competitive odds that update on time, every time.

In addition, the promotions and user-friendly platform make it easy to place and track your bets. Everygame’s commitment to providing extensive coverage of college basketball games makes it a favorite among college sports fans.

Best Betting Site for MLB

For Major League Baseball betting, Bovada is the preferred choice. Its extensive MLB offerings include moneylines, run lines, series prices and more. Bovada also offers live options for MLB games, allowing you to place bets during the game.

Its user-friendly interface, excellent customer service and competitive odds make it an outstanding platform for MLB betting. Mobile bettors on Bovada can also enjoy the full experience with ease. 

Best NHL Sportsbook

Heritage Sports stands out as the best sportsbook for National Hockey League betting. It offers an extensive selection of NHL games and markets, competitive odds and a user-friendly interface that makes placing bets straightforward. 

For NHL, they offer a -108 reduced juice on sides and totals for major games, making their hockey odds more favorable. 

Behind the Scenes: Evaluating the Top Sportsbooks for U.S. Players

Our rankings are not the result of a simple Google search or shallow reviews. Rather, it’s the culmination of an exhaustive and robust examination of each sportsbook.

The first step in our evaluation process involves engaging in comprehensive discussions with the sportsbooks themselves. We sit down with representatives, interview them and seek to understand their operations, policies and philosophies in-depth. This inside scoop allows us to truly understand what they offer to bettors.

Our team then puts each sportsbook’s website to the test. We use tools like Lighthouse to measure website performance, speed and user experience and conduct thorough security audits, ensuring that the platforms stand up to the highest standards of online safety. This gives us insights into how well the website functions and if it provides a smooth betting experience.

But we don’t stop there. Interactions with customer service departments are conducted, with responses recorded and analyzed. This helps us gauge the quality and speed of their customer support. Additionally, we painstakingly go through each sportsbook’s terms of service. We’re looking to verify that they’re in line with industry standards and have no hidden pitfalls that could negatively impact bettors.

Lastly, we take all this invaluable information, and using our detailed criteria, we create an insightful profile for each sportsbook. Our comprehensive Sportsbook Performance Index is more than just a random collection of metrics — it’s a dedicated commitment to providing you with the most accurate, transparent and valuable information to enhance your wagering experience.

Tips for Choosing the Best Betting Site

We have narrowed it down to an elite handful of the best online sportsbooks for U.S. players. All of our top-rated sports betting sites are licensed and regulated in the jurisdictions where they operate, so they are safe to use. But, what other things are important for you to consider when comparing sportsbooks?

  • Reputation: Always consider the sportsbook’s reputation. Check online reviews, ratings and feedback from other users. A reputable sports wagering platform is more likely to provide a reliable and satisfactory experience.

  • Variety of Sports & Markets: Choose a site that offers a wide range of sports and betting markets. More options mean more opportunities to find bets that suit your knowledge and interests.

  • Competitive Odds: Look for a sports betting website that offers competitive odds. This can significantly impact your potential returns.

  • User Interface: A user-friendly interface is crucial for a hassle-free experience. The site should be easy to navigate, and placing bets should be a straightforward process.

  • Mobile Compatibility: In today’s digital age, having a mobile-compatible site is a must. You should be able to place bets on the go, anytime, anywhere.

  • Customer Support: Good customer support can make a big difference. The customer service team should have quick response times and be available through multiple channels (e.g., live chat, email, phone).

  • Payment Options: The sports betting operator you choose should offer a variety of safe and convenient payment options. These can include credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and even cryptocurrencies.

  • Bonuses & Promotions: Whatever site you choose should offer attractive sportsbook bonuses with reasonable playthrough requirements. When comparing deposit bonuses, be sure to check the terms and conditions for any applicable wagering limits, time limits or a minimum deposit. 
  • Trust & Security: Last but not least, always consider the security measures a sportsbook has in place. Your personal and financial information should be secure. Look for offshore sites that use advanced encryption technology and have a clear privacy policy.

Keep in mind, the goal is not just to find any sportsbook, but one that suits your needs and preferences. Take your time to research and choose wisely.

Can’t make up your mind? Just try one out.

It is easy to spend hours obsessing over which sportsbook to register with. However, we have combed through hundreds of online sports betting operators to determine which one is truly the best option for bettors.

You will enjoy a strong user experience at any of our top-ranking choices, so just try one out. You can always sign up with another sportsbook later, and that will earn you another welcome bonus. Online sports bettors can always register with multiple offshore betting sites to find which one works best for them. 

Remember, the right sportsbook for you will depend on your personal preferences and priorities, so take the time to research and find the best fit.

FAQs — Using the top Betting Sites

BetAnySports is the best sportsbook to find low vig bets. BetAnySports offers reduced juice betting lines on a range of sports, offering bettors a chance to boost their profits. 

BookMaker is the best sportsbook for players who like to place large wagers. This longstanding online sports betting site is known for never limiting players and offering flexible betting limits on all the top leagues. 

Bovada is the best sportsbook for players seeking fast withdrawal options. Sports bettors on Bovada can make deposits and cash out using Bitcoin, which carries no fees and transactions can process in as little as 24 hours. 

To get the best sports betting odds, players should sign up with multiple online sportsbooks and compare lines for the particular sport or game they would like to bet on. 

Sports bettors in the United States can use online sportsbooks that operate offshore since they are not operating within the jurisdiction of U.S. state or federal laws. 

Yes, players in the United States frequently place all types of bets on their favorite sports and win real money using online sportsbooks.

Some offshore sportsbooks have a reputation for limiting players who place large bets or frequently win their bets. If this is a concern, you can choose an online sports betting site with high limits. 

In daily fantasy sports, you pick a set of players and earn points based on their performance. An online sportsbook allows players to wager money on the outcome of a single game, or on a specific event occurring within a game. 

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