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Bellator MMA is one of the largest professional combat sports in the world. If you'd like to get in on the action, we make it easy to compare up-to-date Bellator odds from all of the top-rated offshore sportsbooks.
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Bellator Odds & MMA Betting Lines

Professional fights and the world of mixed martial arts are some of the fastest-growing betting markets within the sports wagering industry. Online sportsbooks have adapted to the evolution of MMA and, as a result, provide weekly betting lines across several major promotions.

In today's guide, we'll discuss Bellator's odds and MMA betting lines. Bettors looking to extend their betting know-how regarding Bellator, needn't look any further. We've compiled a comprehensive guide comprising Bellator odds formats, the most popular betting markets, and how to start making betting picks on Bellator today.

Bellator Overview

Founded in 2008, Bellator has since grown into the second-largest mixed martial artist promotion in the United States and one of the largest combat sports organizations in the world. Initially, the company hosted season-long tournaments to establish its champions.

Still, the promotion would improve upon the arrival of the current president, Scott Coker. The first major change included the introduction of a traditional, single-fight schedule that also included regular pay-per-view events.

Coker had previously founded the Strikeforce MMA promotion and was the perfect fit for the job. When Zuffa LLC – the UFC owners – brought Strikeforce in 2011, they would eventually close the promotion and shift many of its talents onto the UFC roster. Coker wasn't out of work for long, though, and in 2014 it was announced that he'd spearhead Bellator MMA – a direct competitor of the UFC.

While Bellator has undoubtedly struggled to match the high-profile reputation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, some of the world's greatest wrestlers, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners, and mixed martial artists reside under the Bellator banner.

Bellator Betting Odds Explained

Behind the exponential growth of professional mixed martial arts, MMA betting odds have always been riding the coattails. If you're interested in Bellator betting odds, you must first understand the odds formats before wagering. But have no fear; we've covered this subject below.

American Odds Explained

Betting odds for professional fights displayed in the American odds format have a baseline value of $100. The minus (-) found before the number represents a betting favorite and shows a bettor how much they'd need to stake to win $100.

American odds (-): -150

  • Stake: $150
  • Profit: $100
  • Total Return (Including stake): $250

Oppositely, betting odds with a (+) symbol before the number is an underdog position; anything with an implied probability of 49.9% or lower will have the plus icon (+) attached, and they show a bettor how much profit is made from a $100 stake.

American odds (+): +250

  • Stake: $100
  • Profit: $250
  • Total Return (Including stake): $350

The aforementioned American odds betting examples don't reflect a minimum or maximum wagering stake; most sportsbooks will accept stakes as low as $1 or even $10,000 or higher.

Decimal Odds Explained

Decimal odds used in Bellator MMA display one number. The number shows a bettor how much is won from a $1 bet. Should the decimal odds read 2.00, this would be an even line, and a wager at this price would return a $1 profit for every $1 staked – stakes are included in the decimal odds value to avoid payout confusion. Decimal odds ranging from 0.01 and 1.99 are favorable betting positions, 2.00 is evens, and anything 2.01 and above is considered an underdog play.

Decimal odds (Favorite): 1.90

  • Stake: $110
  • Profit: $100
  • Total Return: $210

Decimal odds (Underdog): 3.00

  • Stake: $100
  • Profit: $200
  • Total Return (Including stake): $300

Fractional Odds Explained

Fractional Bellator fight odds show two numbers divided by a forward slash. The number on the left shows a bettor how much is won, and the right-sided number displays how much must be staked. For example, should the fractional odds read 1/5, a bettor would receive $1 in profit for every $5 wagered. When right-sided numbers exceed the left, this is the favorite betting position. Even money odds display identical numbers (1/1, and underdog wagers are recognizable when the left-sided number is higher than the number on the right.

Fractional odds (Favorite): 1/10

  • Stake: $10
  • Profit: $1
  • Total Return: $11

Fractional odds (Underdog): 8/1

  • Stake: $100
  • Profit: $800
  • Total Return (Including stake): $900

Most Common Bellator Betting Markets

Now that you've reached an understanding regarding the Bellator odds formats, we can knock out the Bellator betting markets. Each sportsbook operator will vary in their Bellator market offerings, but most top-rated offshore sportsbooks provide an extensive selection.

Below, we've listed some of the most commonly approached Bellator betting markets and explained their purpose.

Bellator Moneylines

The most approached betting market in all of the Bellator MMA betting odds is the moneyline. Bettors are simply tasked with picking which martial artist will win an upcoming bout.

Method of Victory Bellator Betting

Bettors owning more advanced knowledge surrounding professional fights can approach the method of victory MMA Bellator odds. Instead of solely picking a winner, you must predict how they will win the fight.

A regular three-round bout or five-round title can be won in three methods.

  • Wins by decision (majority decision, split decision, unanimous decision)
  • Submission victory
  • Wins via knockout/technical knockout

Fights can also end via DQ or injury, and in this circumstance, the fighter committing the disqualification or unable to compete due to an injury will lose via technical knockout (TKO).

Bellator Over/Under & Total Round Betting

Bellator betting on totals is a fun approach to wagering on a fight without wagering against or in favor of a specific fighter. The sportsbook will present totals ranging from 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 rounds – depending on if the fight is a three or five-round bout.

You can go over or under the total. For example, those betting over 2.5 rounds would need the fight to exceed the halfway point of the second – 12 minutes, 30 seconds. Oppositely, under bettors want the fight to end via TKO/KO, submission, DQ, or injury before the fight's midway point.

Prop Betting on Bellator Fights

We've already discussed Bellator prop bets, such as the method of victory, but most reputable and trustworthy sportsbooks will provide bettors with an extensive list of MMA betting props.

Some of the most favorable Bellator prop betting markets include:

Method of victory: Picking fighter A or B to win by knockout, submission, or decision.

Going the distance: Betting for or against a specific bout to reach the judges' scorecards by exceeding the allotted time limit (3 or 5 rounds).

Round betting: Picking which round the fight will end in.

Method + Round: This combines two prop bets where you pick the winning fighter and which round they'll finish the fight.

How to Place Bellator Wagers

So, you feel equipped and fully prepared to tackle the Bellator betting markets, but how do you place Bellator wagers? Fear not; we've added a short step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Find one or two reputable sportsbooks from our site's bookmaker review section and proceed to the operator's web address.

Step 2: On the sportsbook operators landing page, you'll find a "register," "sign-up" or "join now" button; click it, and you'll be greeted with a registration page.

Step 3: You'll need now to enter some basic details; most bookmakers will require some form of identification, so be sure to have this readily available. Complete the registration form and confirm your account via the email in your inbox.

Step 4: Return to the sportsbook and find the cashier. Decide which depositing option best suits you, and don't forget to utilize a promo code (if applicable). Fill out your payment details and enter the amount you wish to deposit before confirming.

Step 5: Your sportsbook account is now funded and ready to wager on Bellator. Find the MMA or Bellator tab, and knock out the bookie with your best betting picks. Select a bet you'd wish to place, enter your stake, and confirm the bet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bellator MMA Odds

What is the difference between Bellator and the UFC?

Bellator MMA and the UFC are two separate combat sports organizations with entirely different rosters of fighters competing. They do not cross-promote, but many UFC fighters – past and present - have left the company and signed with Bellator and vice versa.

Can I place real money wagers on Bellator fights online?

Yes, there are countless trustworthy and reputable sportsbooks found on this site that provide Bellator MMA odds and betting lines.

How long does it take to get a payout from the top sportsbooks?

The best sportsbooks will payout a customer's winnings almost instantly after the event has concluded. Balance withdrawals differ from site to site, but the general withdrawal time to your bank or designated withdrawal method is between 24 hours – 3 days.

Is betting real money on an online sportsbook on Bellator fights safe and secure?

Smart bettors only sign-up with the most reputable and trustworthy betting sites, like those found on our site. When doing so, you can rest assured that betting real money on Bellator fights is safe and secure.